the evolution of grace

I say evolution of grace as if grace changed, as if somehow since the time of Christ’s birth, the love of God embodied by Jesus mutated. Well it hasn’t, but my ideas about grace have.

I was raised to believe grace is something you receive that you did not earn, or deserve. I was also raised to believe that grace was the empowerment of Holy Spirit within you to overcome sin and live a holy life. While these things may be true in their own right, they do not fully reveal the entire beautiful picture of grace.

In my book Forgiving God, i talk about how my ideas of grace grew and expanded as my knowledge of God grew. The once limited grace to empower me to stop sinning, became the Man Jesus who came into my addiction and anxieties and sat down inside my prison of shame and held my hand until i was ready to move on.

Grace was no longer a way to escape hell, grace became a Man i fell in love with. Jesus demonstrated to me how His ways are better than the ways of the world. His wisdom far exceeds the knowledge i can gather, the experiences i have lived, and the empirical evidence i had mounted up in my mind. His love came like a warm bath, a cool breeze, and a welcome hug from a dear friend all at once.

Jesus, the Man of Grace, can be revealed to you too!

If you haven’t picked up a copy of my book i encourage you to! If you are financially unable to purchase a copy, please leave me comment, or send me an email. I would be happy to send you one free of charge!

Blessings, until next time. ❤



Somewhere along the lines we got a very bad idea of what Jesus is like. We have stitched together imperfect ideas of what God is like by projecting our own experiences onto God. Perhaps a better title for this particular blog, or even chapter of my book may have been #realGod.

I think when we look at Jesus we see a man who is kind, patient, and forgiving. However, for millennia when we have looked at God, we have seen a monster that has needed appeased. Almost as if Jesus was a really great big brother that came to rescue us because daddy-God was furious. Of course, this makes perfect sense to those of us who ascribe to the Penal Substitutionary Atonement theory. Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Bible does not ever say that God needed Jesus to rescue us so He wouldn’t be mad at us. It does, however, say that God was IN CHRIST redeeming the world back to Himself. It also says that Jesus displays the fullness of God’s being as a human. Jesus death was not a payment for our wrong doing. His death, burial and resurrection were a demonstration of just how far God is willing to go to love us, and forgive us.

Paul declares that we are the ones that murdered God! It was God, in Christ, being murdered by US, forgiving us all the same.

It’s time we look at God, (and Jesus,) a little differently. In my book Forgiving God, i go into some great details that you don’t want to miss!