Repentance isn’t saying you’re sorry.

Repentance isn’t feeling badly for what you’ve done.

Repentance doesn’t come from shame of doing wrong.

Repentance doesn’t come because someone tells you you’ve done something wrong.



There! I’ve said it. I’ve spit it out and it cannot be taken back.

A lot of us have grown up in fundamental evangelical churches. We’ve been taught that repentance is necessary for us to enter the kingdom of heaven. Which i admit is true. However, i also have a huge issue with the way repentance is taught.

We are taught that when we admit we have sinned and ask for forgiveness we have done the act of repentance and we have secured our position in heaven. For some of us, the teaching was taken a bit further to include a turning away from the sins that we have committed and promising to not do them again.  While both of these things are actually very wise things to do in our lives they are neither one repentance. They are merely the fruits of repentance.

The true definition of repentance, as found in the Bible, is “to change your mind”. Jesus came saying “repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”. He did not mean say you’re sorry for all the bad things you’ve done. At that point, they had no need to make amends or change their ways. They had the process of offering sacrifices for sin. No, what Jesus meant was ‘change the way you think. My kingdom is here and now?”

He wanted them to rethink everything they thought they knew about God and about His kingdom. Jesus would later go on to shatter their expectations and rather than establish a physical kingdom with a physical throne, He would die the death of a criminal, and on the third day be resurrected, thus, establishing His dominion in both the physical and heavenly realm!

If you’ve read my book Forgiving God already, you already know what true repentance means and how to live a lifestyle that resembles a repentant heart. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet i encourage you to! I dive deep into the truth of repentance and why it is so vitally important to our Christian lives today in modern America.

Okay! God bless everyone! Until next time!


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