identity crisis

Welcome back! Today i am continuing my Forgiving God series. I want to tackle chapter 2 today entitled identity crisis. I think we all have had a point in our lives when we had to do some self-discovery. Most of us probably went through the process of learning who we are and what we like as teens. Some of us, however, did not. I found myself on the path towards self-actualization in my early thirties.

If you remember from my last blog, sometimes circumstances in life have a way of hindering growth or halting maturity. For me, the things that happened are not important to this particular blog, but they did leave me frozen in time. My emotional maturity stopped somewhere in my early teen years and trauma blocked me from self-discovery.

In the book, i discuss a lot of the side effects of lacking identity, and the painful consequences associated. I also talk about the things that i did as a result of not really knowing who i was. I grew up a little too fast, and never even matured. Somewhere along the line, i was given an identity and i believed that it was who i was. But God came in hoping to help me become everything i was meant to be before people told me who i should be.

You know, that was the kicker. The fact that God came along is the only reason that i can sit here today typing this blog and encouraging you because your true identity can only come from Him.

I had no way of knowing who i was supposed to be before people came and told me who to be. By that, i do not mean what my talents are or what i’m good at. I mean the reason i was made, and exist. I had no way of knowing because i could not go back in time before television and movies told me i was supposed to be thin, with a nice complexion and curves. I didn’t remember who i was before social media told me that in order to snag a husband out of the sea of eligible bachelors i had to be sexy, and put out. I couldn’t know who i was supposed to be but God did. And He told me.

The real reason for any identity crisis is because we try to draw identity from comparison to worldly standards instead of taking our measure of worth and value from the Word of God. If we want to know exactly who we are, why we were created, and what we are supposed to be doing then we need to ask the one who created us. Only a builder can tell you why He built something. Only the inventor of an item can dictate the intended purpose and use for his invention.

If you’re in the process of self-discovery, wondering who you are and what you’re made for, i encourage you to ask God. Secondly, you should pick up a copy of my book because finding out who you are is only possible when you ask the one who made you, but you have to know the right Jesus in order to get the right identity.

As always if you are struggling financially and cannot afford to purchase a copy of the book, just drop me a line. I would be happy to send you a copy free of charge.

Okay. Love you guys! Until next week! ~MR


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