Who told you it was your fault

So you’re broken. You get moody, angry, and just plain don’t want to put up with people. Sometimes you’re stressed out and depressed. At times you ignore your phone, your children, your responsibilities. Sometimes you skip church, you forget to pray, and ignore your bible studies. Often you find yourself doing things you know you probably shouldn’t do but you just don’t care.

It’s not your fault.

Most pastors, preachers and religious people won’t tell you this. They will pin your perceived spiritual shortcomings upon your own failings and sins. They will tell you that it is your fault that you weren’t disciplined enough, prayerful enough or faith filled enough. This is a LIE and I’m sorry they are lying.

The truth is it is not your fault.

The moment ¬†you were born you were born with a slave master called “Sin” and it’s hireling ¬†called “Death”. You didn’t’ have a choice. The world you were born into is broken, and there is no good in this world. All that you have been given in this world is sub-par. And all the standards set for you were set so high that there is no way you could attain to them. You didn’t ask to be born. You didn’t choose to live this broken life.

Your sin did not nail Jesus to a cross.

Adam’s sin is the sin that put us all into this mess we are in. The brokenness we are living in is a result of Adam’s sin, which enslaved us all to death. Jesus came not to tell you how bad you are so you could change. He came to get in the same line as you. You know the line. That line where we await our ass-whooping. Being chewed up and spit out by death itself. Jesus came and stood in that line and just when it was your turn for that ass-whooping Jesus stepped in and took your spot.

It was not your sin that nailed Jesus to a cross. IT was Adam’s sin, and Jesus’ choice.

This is the good news. That just in your moment of terror and pain, just when the shit hits the fan, Jesus can be the refuge. He can take your place. He can swoop in like super man and faster than a speeding bullet He can save the day. Jesus knew that you would be born to sin with evil desires that you could not over come. He knew that you were at the mercy of death doing sin’s bidding. He knew. He knew it would not be your fault when you fell prey and fell from grace. It’s not your fault.

He made a way. A way for you to be rescued, restored, renewed. He became impoverished so that you can be made prosperous. He did this because He knew you needed His help. He knew it wasn’t your fault. He knew you would do the best you could with the things you were given, but even your best was imperfect because you were given broken tools in a fallen world. He knew it wasn’t your fault.

It’s still not your fault.

Pastors and preachers may tell you you have a “victim mentality” and that you’ll never go anywhere until you change. But by saying that they are insinuating that you have some super ability to do what no man born has done, except Jesus. By telling you this they cripple you and keep you from actually experiencing true and lasting change. Jesus doesn’t want you to come to Him when you are no longer a victim with pains, weaknesses, and anger. He wants you, the victim, to come to Him the JUST.

When you come to Jesus as a victim you get compassion, you get love, you get justice. You bring your pains and angers to the cross and you see how every single oppressor is punished. You trade your hurts for justice. Knowing this, that no evil deed goes unpunished, and every time you were wronged, hurt, or oppressed in anyway will be fully punished with the fullness of God’s wrath. When you come to Jesus as a victim you get freedom.

It’s not your fault you were hurt. It’s not your fault you were wronged, oppressed or attacked. Its ok now, Jesus knows. He knows you did your best, He knows you tried. Now bring your burdens to Jesus the one who knows it’s not your fault. He will take your pains and the victim will become the victor with authority and power. You will be transformed at the foot of the cross..