Why are you still searching?

A new car, a new hobby, a new job, a new partner…. this generation is searching. The ever deepening hunger drives us to long for more, bigger, better, newer, fancier, shinier, and more expensive. The latest iphone, the biggest truck, the most prominent careers, they all draw us and push us further and further every day.

Even in relationships we can feel the pressure of the “not___________enough” syndrome. He’s not loving enough, she’s not respectful enough. They aren’t trustworthy enough. The hole inside our hearts is too big and to empty for another to fill it. We expect a friend or spouse who never lets us down, never causes us pain or discomfort, never lies, and always gives us everything we want or need no questions asked.

Sadly what happens is when we get the new iphone, after having it a few months we grow accustomed to it’s new features and grow bored with it. In no time a new one is released and while there is absolutely nothing wrong with the phone we have we trade it in on the newest version only to satisfy the hunger again.  We buy a new truck and love driving it and after a short time we see a friend who has something nicer and we feel slighted because we don’t have that also, so we sell our truck and get a newer better one. We have a great career but when we realize our close friend or family member makes more money than us we get restless and switch careers hoping we can be like the “Jones’s”.

We make a new friend only to find out that friend really isn’t as smart, or funny, or kind as we thought. We move on hoping to find someone nicer, smarter, funnier. Our spouse no longer gives us the warm fuzzies they once did when we first met and so our eyes begin to roam looking for someone to make us feel alive again.

Our souls are empty pits that devour everything that goes into them and still demand “FEED ME!”. The paradox is that no matter how much we obtain in this world relationship wise, or material things, we will never, ever fill that gaping hole. Get the home, in a few months you will be empty again. But that new outfit, once it’s broke in you’ll want another. Dye your hair and cover those greys, its going to grow out and turn grey again, you will grow old and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

In all our searching there is only one thing that can continually, without fail, completely satisfy, every time, without disappointing. Only one person can meet every need we have so fully that we always feel safe, always feel comforted, always feel loved, and always feel provided for. Only one mystery so intriguing that it can be studied for all eternity and never ever be fully explained.

You friends will tick you off. They will let you down. They will break your heart. Your spouse will lie to you, fail to have the answers you need, and just plain have bad days where they treat you bad. Your stuff will wear out, break down, get rusty, and become outdated and obsolete. (Remember 8 tracks and cassette tapes ? haha)

But Jesus will never grow old, let you down, wear out, lie to you, leave you, or break your heart. He can give you absolute satisfaction in life as your wonderful luscious hair becomes brittle and dull grey. He can cause your hear to be full and safe as you drive a rusty old minivan with holes in the door, and rust on the paint job. He can give you answers when your spouse hasn’t a clue. He will be the friend you always wanted when your bff seems more like an acquaintance.

You will not out smart death or old age. You will grow old.   You will not find a new thing that no one else has that makes you super special forever. Eventually something newer and better will come along. You will not find a material item that will satisfy you so fully every day that you can live at peace. Eventually you will get bored of it, or it will deteriorate.

Only one… only Jesus can do these things for you … will you let Him?



Solid as a Rock

What is more stable than the ground we walk on? Think about it. We drive our cars on roads paved onto the earth. We build our homes in which we live upon this earth. We walk, we camp, we teach, we do life,  and we never once question that the ground will be there faithfully supporting us, doing its job. We count on and rely upon the stability and surety of the dirt and rocks beneath us. That is unless we live around the ring of fire, or upon a muddy rain soaked slope of mountain.

The earth is stable now, and for a while will be. For some however, earthquakes, landslides and sink holes are a disaster just waiting to happen. The thing that we confidently rely upon to be faithful and consistent can sometimes let us down. We are so confident in it that we often take it for granted that it will always be there. But the Bible says “The mountains shall depart and the hills be removed,” *.

There will be a time where the very earth we stand upon will no longer exist as it is now. When this moment comes what will we rely on? I was standing in worship on Sunday morning thinking how faithful God is to us, more faithful than the rising sun, more stable than the strong mountain, more consistent than the returning of spring after a long winter. His word promises that “the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed but My kindness shall not depart from you, nor shall My covenant of peace be removed” *(Isaiah 54:10).

The mercy and kindness of God is more sure, and more stable than the Great Rocky Mountains. One day they will all depart, but the covenant God has made with us through Christ will remain forever. His peace and love reaches out to us past all the shaking in the world and touches our heart with the promise that He will be faithful. The very ground you walk upon is a testimony to the stability of the Lord’s Word. The ground you take for granted is a solid, stable thing. Yet God promises that He is infinitely more stable and sure.

It’s okay to trust Him. He keeps His promises.