A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes

I’ve heard over and over about how God will make your dreams come true. But for someone who has struggled with trust, and lived a life of anxiety ridden depression, dreaming is hard.

I had a dream.

Once I dreamed of being a famous singer at a young age, traveling the world and singing on stages with thousands of fans screaming out my name. I was a child, it was a child’s dream. When I gave my life to the Lord, my dream changed. I wanted to be famous and travel the world singing for Him on stages everywhere. I wanted to declare the gospel through song.

Somewhere along the line that dream was lost. It never happened. The famous teen pop sensation dream mutated to a famous twenty something worship sensation and again to a local leader of a church worship team. And alas the dream died. I took the stage as a worship leader, thinking it was all I ever wanted and discovered I didn’t want it at all. I hated it. My heart was utterly discouraged and I was left dreamless. Even now the things that once captivated my heart I look at them and see how futile they are, how empty.

Everyone was talking about making your dreams come true, never stop chasing your dream, keep pushing for your dream. I had none. I was devastated by my dreamless state because I felt like something was wrong with me. I lived this way for a very long time, which only fueled my depression and anxiety. I was even down right angry because I felt like i was made for something and God was holding me back from my calling because I hadn’t measured up.

I lived in a prison of shame and anger and discouragement (among other wars raging in my life). What is life if you  have no purpose and how can you have purpose if you have no dream?

After a long time of struggling the though occurred to me that I do have a dream. My dream is to be happy. I dream of a world where people respect each other, where goodness, kindness, and love prevail. I dream of a world where hope can anchor you in God’s promises and you can see His power manifest simply because you believed it would.

I DO have a dream. My dream is to silence the voices of fear, anger, resentment, bitterness, pride, hate, envy, evil, greed and lust. My dream is to shout at the top of my lungs the freedom of the Risen Savior. My dream is to set the captive free. My dream is my secret inward wish for everyone to just get along and love one another. My dream is a dream that seems impossible but undeniably needed.

My dream is a dream of full-fledged revival. And not the kind where you host meetings every night and sweat, and babble in a foreign language and run around shouting. My dream is a dream where the book of Acts church comes alive in the midst of the dead “church” of today.

Where the broken one sitting in that pew getting beat over the head by the so called shepherd finally has enough of getting beat and rejects the hireling only to find the Good Shepherd has always been there waiting.

My dream is for you, the reader. My dream is that every eye could see, that every ear could hear, that every heart could know the Jesus I know. My dream is for freedom, love, truth, justice, hope, peace, healing, prosperity, and forgiveness. My dream is the dream of the heart of God. And I’ve never been happier to dream someone else’s dream. I am dreaming His dream and it feels like my own and I don’t mind one bit.

What is your dream? What is deep in the pit of your heart just screaming to get out? What is the wish that you’d make? Everyone has one. Maybe your dream is just to be healed. Maybe your dream is to finally get ahead and stop drowning in debt. Maybe your dream is to just be loved for who you are and not have to change to make people happy.

What ever your dream is, chase it! A dream is a wish that your heart makes. Deep inside of every human heart is a scream. That scream is your dream. Chase it.



3 thoughts on “A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes

  1. I wrote a blog about Dreaming Long. It always stuck with me. Dream big but dream long. I feel the closer you are to Him to more defined and refined your dreams become. I too struggle with shame. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to live another much less dream about some future. Great post!


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